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Keys To The Kingdom Sir Thursday
by Garth Nix

This book was ok, I only read part because I kind of got the point.

Lexie's Little Lie
by Emma Shevah

I had read “Dream on, Amber” by the same author, and I wasn’t very crazy over it. It wasn’t as tempting and eventful as “Lexie’s Little Lie”. But I feel the exact opposite about this one! This book is very exciting and it’s hard for me to put it down. I want to continue reading to see what Lexie’s going to do to fix her family’s war and crisis and I want to see what will happen. I hope there will be some way to fix the huge mess.

Keys To The Kingdom Mister Monday
by Garth Nix

I love these books! the series is really interesting and filled with constant action all the time! I can wait to see how it ends.

Sea Of Monsters Graphic Novel
by Rick Riordan

I love reading all of the Percy Jackson books in their graphic novel form, it adds a nice change from chapter books and gives you a broader view of the story.

Storm makers
by Dan Haring

This book was my summer reading prize and it was REALLY FUN! I love the action packed and suspenseful way Haring writes! Wonderful and will read it again.

by Wendy Mass & Rebecca Stead

Bob is an extraordinary, magical, and fictitious book that has become one of my favorites. Every other chapter is told from Livy’s point of view, while the others are told from Bob’s point of view. This story teaches about true friendship between a girl and an interesting creature. Ten-year-old Olivia (Livy) has not visited her grandmother in Australia in five years. Livy is back at Gran’s house now, but she can’t remember a thing about Gran’s house. But Livy has a feeling that she forgot something really important about it. She was right about that. Bob, a short, mysterious, and greenish creature dressed in a chicken suit, didn’t forget about Livy at all. He’s been waiting all these five years for Livy to come back, hiding in a closet like Livy had told him to do. He has no idea and can’t remember who or what he is, where he came from, or if he even has a family. Five years ago, when Livy was five, she had promised Bob that they would find his home when Livy returns to Australia. Livy had said she would return soon, but five years isn’t soon. Now that Livy’s back, it’s her job to do what she had promised. Livy unexpectedly opens the closet and sees Bob and then she remembers him. Then Livy and Bob figure out some clues by remembering certain objects in Gran’s house the last time Livy was there. Before Livy saw Bob, she didn’t remember those objects. Now that they met again, Livy is remembering them, and those objects all have something to do with Bob. The clues help them find the mysteries of what Bob is and where he came from. Later on, Livy and Bob figure out that Bob is a character in a storybook and is a “well dweller”. Well dwellers live in tunnels in between wells from all over the world. They provide rain, and Australia hasn’t gotten any rain in years. It is so bad that Gran has to actually share water with a neighbor. Therefore, Bob came from the bottom of the well in Gran’s yard. Carrying the storybook, Livy and Bob find another well in the woods. Then, after some magic, Bob’s mother comes out of the well. She thanks Livy for bringing Bob home and keeping him safe. But, before Bob and Livy could even say goodbye to each other, Bob’s mother takes Bob with her and they jump down into the well. A few seconds later, Bob’s mother made it rain. There wasn’t any rain in years because Bob was missing. But, in return for bringing Bob back, the well dwellers made it rain in Australia again. That night, Bob wanted to say a last goodbye to Livy. So he climbed out of the well that was at Gran’s house and went to Livy’s room, who was sleeping. Bob whispers to her, “See you in five years”. I wonder if there will be a continuation of Bob. I’m curious if Livy will return to Australia or sooner and if there will be more mysteries about Bob to solve. I’d love to continue reading about Livy and Bob. I’m very impressed with the cover art, and the story was as good as the cover art looked. I think that this magnificent book is for everyone. Even my mom said she’s going to try it.

Dork Diaries Tales From A Not So Friendly Frenemy
by Rachel Renee Russell Books

Nikki has to go to NHH for a student exchange program. Unfortunately her arch enemy Mackenzie Hollister switched schools from WCD to NHH. Also is Nikki getting a new enemy as well?

Happy Hollisters totem faces mystery
by Jerry West

Great book to read with the kids before bed. Most common phrase is "One more chapter!"

Tokyo Ghoul Manga
by sui ishida

the book was cool and sad at the same time and the book was kinda confusing but it was good and i would recomend u read it bc it is just so cool and awsome

Dork Diaries Tales From A Not So Happy Heartbreaker
by Rachel Renee Russell Books

Nikki is in the middle of a crushitis phase. But her crush has been acting strange. Are they through with each other? Nikki is also dealing with hair loss due to Brianna her sister chopping her hair off. Will Nikki surrvive

The Star Shepherd
by Dan Haring

This is an advanced reader book but i thought the review would still be helpful. The book could be more gripping but its very well written and has lots of description. LOVE IT!

Janitors survivors of the dust bin
by Tyler Whitesides

This is the last book in the Janitor series. I really wish that there were more! With the witches defeated and the Aurans free Spencer and Daisy return to school, no more toxties to battle!

The Mother Daughter Book Club
by Heather Vogel Frederick

When Jess had the role for beauty at her school play.But the thing is that she wanted her mom to be there because her ran off to New York and she never said anything.

Diary Of An Awesome Friendly Kid
by Jeff Kinney

Rowley Jefferson decides to write in a diary just like his best friend Greg Heffely. He puts random stories and makes Greg’s biography. He talks about Greg and how he is a terrible study partner.

Dork Diaries 1 Tales From A Not-so-fabulous Life
by Rachel Renee Russell

New School. New Student. New Diary. New Friends. New Crush. New enemy. New Home. Will Nikki survive. She tries to fit in an nothing works. Everyone thinks she a joke will she ever survive eighth grade?
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